Sexual health Check up

All conventional blood tests are available through Parsmedix. We also use certain profiles when screening your blood for diseases and abnormalities.

Those individuals who choose this service, either need to have a particular test done or they just want to have a screening check up. Our medical check up profiles are very popular and many of our clients choose two or more profiles to save money.

We can draw blood from any age group. Our fully trained and highly experienced Phlebotomists can draw your blood at the comfort of your home or work place in a most painless fashion. Just try us once and you will become a regular customer.

Our Tests and Profies:

    You can check what test you want by visiting this link for a full list of all the tests available. If you can't find what you are looking for just email us with your enquiry and we will endeavour to serve you as soon as possible.

    Once you have decided what you require, please use our registration form to instruct us for taking your samples.


Adult Stem Cells Collection

Did you know that you can have your stem cells within your blood stream taken and stored for 20 years? Stem Cells have been proven to be highly precious in treatment of many diseases.

All you have to do is order the service. and when our phlebotomist comes to visit you for your blood test, he or she can also take another 80 ml of your blood for stem cell collection purposes.

Cost of this service is only £3000 and this will cover you for 20 years. Payment Plans available.

Your Stem Cells will be stored at Pharmacells Laboratories in Scotland which are a Humant Tissue Authority Licenced Establishment.

You can pay the Cell Bank (Pharmacells) directly for the service or pay us and book your phlebotomy at the same time with us. We won't charge you anything extra for taking your blood for Stem Cell Collection because Pharmacells will pay us directly.

To get more information about this service please visit Oristem, Pharmacells official website.