Heart health Check up


Step 1:

- Parsmedix Phlebotomist will attend your Home / Work place .

- He/ She will tak ebrief medical history from you and fill out a questionnaire.

- Your vital signs, height, weight, BMI and blood presssure in both arms will be measured.

-Sample of your Blood/ Urine/ Faeces will be taken.

-Samples will be collected by our Courier and taken to the labs for testing.


Step 2:

-A copy of your test result will be sent to you by email.

-An appointment with our Dr in Harley Street will be made for you.

-Your DR will discuss the outcome of your health screening test with you in depth.

- Your name will be saved in our database to receive a 10% discount on future tets.


What is included in your package

Physical exam and vital signs check

Blood pressure in both arms and lower limbs

Measurment of height, weight and BMI

Blood Test

HbA1c test for diabetes

Total Cholestrol, LDL/HDL Ratio and TG, Creatinine

Full Blood Count


Heart scan

ECG Resting

Non Blood Samples


Sample container

1 Lavender tube / EDTA Anticoagulant

1 Gold Tube/ SST/GEL

Random Urine


Cardiovascular Exam

Examination of the back of the eye

Test result interpretation

Full medical Report

Test Analysis Time

4 Hrs