Dedicated to caring

Medical services is all we do! Our doctors are vey caring, approachable and friendly. They understand your needs and will go out of their way to help you.

If we find a problem in your tests, we won't abandon you there, we will help you all the way to find a solution to the problem to the best of our ability

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Which test?

Not sure which test you want, ask your GP or talk to our doctors for FREE. Call now . Most tests will be arranged within 24 hours.

A copy of your test result can be sent to your GP free of charge if you want.

Parsmedix VIP Service

Our VIP service is very popular. You will remain in the comfort of your home while we send you our phlebotomists, nurses or doctors to you at your convenience.

Even if we have to get a test done at one of our medical centres, we will transport you in one of our prestigious cars and bring you back home after the test is done.

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